The Phoenix

The Phoenix  literary journal craves memorable, evocative work. 

Created in 1958 in the heart of Western North Carolina and has a long tradition of publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, artwork, and photography. 

An annual print journal, The Phoenix is currently accepting submissions for its 60th issue that will launch on April 10th, 2019. 

Sponsored by both Pfeiffer University and the Piedmont Instittue of Music, Communication, and Art, The Phoenix also holds a yearly Emerging Writers Contest. 

The Phoenix  gladly allows for you to submit your work to more than one genre. Please see below for specific genre guidelines for details. 

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The Phoenix 



Andrew Chomiczewski     Night Lights*

Juanita Kruse     Mistress of All She Surveys 

Gwendolyn Mintz     At the Core

Anna Morgan     Below the Clouds

Samantha Smith     Seafoam

                                   Warm Sunrise

Ava Sangster     Buzzard

2017/2018 PICMA Winner

Ava Sangster     Before the Darkness Can Push Me Away


William C. Crawford     Foraging Smelter Town - Finding Super Fund Origins, Tom Rush and Death

Mark Walsh     The Forest of Life

Margaret Earley     Whitt  Open Letter to the Class of 2018


Edith Boyd     Perils of Moving Day

Jacob Butlett   Waltzing in Crimson Light

Alicia Roberts     The Aftermath

Kareem Tayyar     Days when the Rain Would Come

Matthew Twigg      Horizons


John Grey     Beach Resort

Sam Hanlon     Backwards Day

Lea Hilton       Listen

Joel Johnson     Better Halves

ChyAnn Ketchum      Maybelline

Brandon Marlon      Abstraction's Postscript

Jacob Michel      Sleep

P.C. Schponik      The Edge

                               Something Important 

Kristen Slone      Letter to My Least Favorite Body Part

Devon Williams      Where I Am From

*This piece was also the cover art for Issue 59

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